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CBIG Consulting: Vanquishing Big Data Challenges One After the Other

John Onder, Founding Principal
“Challenges are funny things - they may change over time, but they never seem to go away,” says John Onder, a Founding Principal of CBIG Consulting, a provider of business intelligence and big data analytics consulting solutions. He equates the same idea to developing functional solutions to effectively mine all of the untapped potential in data assets. “The overall challenge in terms of promoting business intelligence analytics has changed from ‘why?’ to ‘How and how fast?’ ,” he adds. As organizations wake up to the positive effects that Big Dataand focused analytics can have on the efficiency of any business, it becomes imperative for them to evaluate whether current data architectures and business processes are getting the job done.Companies are also looking to invest in more advanced solutions and expand that critical information base that they need to stay competitive. Additionally, businesses aim at finding ways to reduce the costs of technology, while getting the job done faster and concurrently focusing on the bottom line impact. Addressing these critical issues, Onder’s organization has developed groundbreaking techniques and methods for Lean Analytics architectures and development processes. Lean Analytics removes the most common barriers and concerns with traditional methods of data analysis projects by effectively removing the highest cost components and delivering much faster development cycles within an architecture that flexes and grows with the business needs.

Founded in 2002, CBIG develops BI and Big Data Analytics solutions that help clients from across industry verticals to use the vast amounts of data they collect and transform it into actionable insight. The dynamic organization has services that span across industry verticals including but not limited to healthcare, pharmaceutical, CPG, retail, internet, financial, utilities, telecommunications, higher education, manufacturing and logistics.The company’s coveted roster of services has names such as Baxter, HP, Merrill Lynch, ADT, Johnson & Johnson, Thomson Reuters, The University of Chicago, Comcast, Nokia to name a few.

Evolving With Time to Stay Ahead Of the Curve

The tech world is a fast evolving space. Businesses that do not move ahead with time usually become irrelevant. Having identified this CBIG has constantly upped its game to stay ahead of the technology curve.In the last 13 years that CBIG has been in the industry, the company has worked hard to consciously broaden its expertise beyond typical data warehouse and data analytics. “By incorporating a singular focus toward BI and Big Data Analytics, we have been really successful in assimilating best-practice architectures into pre-built vertical offerings for many industry sectors,” adds John. From this evolutionary advance, CBIG took another leap forward bystripping down traditionally cumbersome processes into more streamlined, leaner solutionsusing a combination of proven technology with DWAs and more advanced Hadoop-ecosystem technologies.
John further adds that apart from the technical advancements it is the vision that the team has established which makes the journey more fruitful. “The best part about going to work each day is enjoying the work you do and the people you work with. Collectively, those of us who were in on CBIG from the beginning 13 years ago established a clear vision of what we wanted to accomplish as an organization, and we believe CBIG’s body of work has actually exceeded our expectations,” he explains.
It is often said that the any team is only as strong as its weakest link. Companies work hard to build a strong arsenal of technically sound professionals who understand the needs of the industry. Keeping this in mind CBIG has made it a standing practice to retain outstanding talent in the field. And, as thought-leaders in this industry, the organization sets a high bar when it comes to continuing education to stay at the forefront of emerging developments in the data analytics space. “Many of us participate in symposiums, conferences and industry-specific forums, taking proactive roles in what is currently driving innovation,” adds John. He also works towards developing and fostering strategic collaborations

CBIG is developing innovative initiatives pertaining to marketing analytics, data monetization and competitive intelligence services, healthcare services that address population health and ACOs, and higher education services

with best-in-class hardware vendors and software developers as these partnerships give CBIG an inside track on the latest advancements in technology and data analytics tools. It is this quality of moving ahead with time that has helped CBIG gain a formidable reputation in the industry.

Customer Centric Solutions Is the Mantra to Success

John and his team are a busy lot today as they focus on helping several prestigious organizations make sense of the puzzle that is data analytics. In the current scenario where several BI solution providers are mushrooming up, the company had adopted a customer centric approach to keep them ahead of their competition. “It is highly essential to listen and understand the needs of our customers,” John explains. CBIG thus listens to its customers’ needs as they evolve, both through current engagements as well as through their active involvement in educational forums that focus on Big Data concerns of particular industry segments, like healthcare and higher education, to name a few. “This provides great opportunities for creative R&D on the part of our data scientists to solve new challenges in our world,” John adds.

The company is also working on various innovative initiatives pertaining to marketing analytics, data monetization and competitive intelligence services, healthcare services that address population health and ACOs, and higher education services that provide pioneering student analytic solutions. Apart from this, the CBIG team is working on further developing Lean Analytics architectures that strip down the costly process of transforming data, and managed BI/Big Data services.Designed to help firms get up and running quickly and inexpensively, CBIG’s managed services teams provide the Big Data expertise from initial deployments through ongoing data analytics support, giving firms the freedom to focus on what they do best.

Given the exciting work that CBIG is doing, the company’s future also looks promising. “We are continuing to solidify and grow our existing offices throughout the U.S.,” adds John. The company is also committed to expanding its international presence into regions where emerging technology hubs, industrialization, and growing economies have demonstrated a need for CBIG’s expertise. “We recognize that the key to success in the future involves expanding our efforts into R&D, so we are channeling new creative approaches toward leaner, more cost effective data analytics solutions on behalf of our client organizations,” adds John. “We are all here to try to capture lighting in a bottle, so to speak, by designing innovative, powerful BI tools that enterprises can employ to re-energize their organizations and increase their bottom line,” he concludes. It is safe to say that with CBIG’s client-centric approach to work, coupled with their ability to move ahead with the times, the company is well on its way to achieve greater laurels in the years to come.