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25 Most Promising Big Data Services Vendors - 2015

Dadrin LLC: Bridging the Gap between Data & Innovation with Insight and Expertise

In Big Data age, the technological enhancements and enrichments have increased manifold. The San Diego based Dadrin LLC is one such company striving to bring their brand of innovations to the industry making data related work more feasible and effortless. Which data sets should be combined first, should data be stored in a structured or unstructured way, where should it be stored, how long should the data be kept, how can the data be made accessible to the business users, what are the security risks of some of the Big Data platforms, how can models be scaled that previously processed hundreds of events to process thousands or millions of events in a reasonable amount of time are just a few prevalent questions being faced by the industry. And there are no set answers to these questions. Each situation has to be analyzed singularly and individually, and solutions provided accordingly. With new age technology come new-age problems, and it is here that a company like Dadrin plays a pivotal role.

Applications Holding the Key in Big Data Landscape

Lambda Architecture, a data-processing architecture designed to handle massive quantities of data is gaining significant exposure. It was first proposed by Nathan Mars, the creator of Apache Storm. This Big Data processing architecture combines a batch processing layer and a real time processing layer (speed layer) that allows the end user to access both, preliminary real time data and fully processed data. This allows for a faster discovery of anomalies or opportunities in the data by providing a low latency access to data insights. “Many companies that have been exploring the Big Data space have been able to get its benefits in the form of long batch processing jobs. In most cases this means that the only way to use the learning of today's data is to wait until tomorrow. In some cases this is good enough, in others it is too late to fix some of the issues,” elucidated

Dadrin has built relationships with most of the relevant Big Data tools and platform providers but they don’t let that influence or bias the decisions when designing a solution.

Lluis Canet, Founder & CEO, Dadrin. Though apparently difficult to implement and maintain, Big Data processing got a shot in the arm since the raise of projects such as Apache Spark and its integration in the Hadoop ecosystem. Several companies stand to benefit from the Lambda Architectures.

Holding a Distinctive Identity amidst Stiff Competition

Unlike most existing players in the market, Dadrin does not depend heavily on specifics. Instead, they believe in working alongside the client in order to achieve the most feasible and accurate solution that would benefit the client. Thereafter, they implement the solution and train a team that will be involved in the creation, maintenance and expansion of that solution in the long run. “In some cases, we also help strategize and grow initiatives using what we call 'Value Driven Iterations', working in short iterations of 2 to 4 weeks and making sure that at each step we are providing the biggest value possible to the end user,” Lluis elaborated. Dadrin has also built relationships with most of the relevant Big Data tools and platform providers but they don’t let that influence or bias the decisions when designing a solution. The focus is always on the most appropriate solution and the means to get it. Also, Dadrin prides itself for making the journey between conceptualizing an idea and making them fully functional Data Driven Product like Data Modelling, Analytics, Data Warehousing and Application Development.
Lluis Canet, CEO

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